The PSYI is an 18-month project financed by Taiwanese Business- EBR Technical Cooperation Fund and implemented by MyCareer,

an NGO that works on promotion of talents, management of human capital and creation of linkages between the education

institutions and private sector companies.


The overall goal of the project is to manage, coordinate and facilitate all activities and processes necessary for the establishment and

functioning of the Private Sector Youth Initiative in North Macedonia.

Whereas, the specific objectives of the project are to:

• Improve dialogue between employers and education institutions with the purpose of improving the quality and learning

outcomes of internship programmes,

• Enhance participation of the private sector in youth skills development,

• Help create new work opportunities for youth and alleviate the country’s high youth unemployment and inactivity,

• Provide a real work-place learning experiences through structured internship programmes

• Apply innovative approaches to matching of job seekers and inters with companies,


The main components of the project are as the following,

• Conduct an industry-education regional assessment;

• Organize and host the electronic Career Fair;

• Develop in-house mentorship programmes and

• Management and coordination of the internship placements.


The following is the impact and deliverables of the project:

• 4 (four) industry and education regional assessments covering all regions (one per region) of the R. N. Macedonia,

• 4 (four) promotional events,

• 3 (three) e-Career Fairs organized in the 18-month period during winter and summer break of students,

• Development of mentorship and training material following the eCareer Fair participation,

• At least 300 youth successfully completed the PSYI internship programme out of which at least 20 are women,

• At least 60 companies offering internship placements to students, graduates and alumni,

• At least 1 (one) high-level event organized with at least 50 relevant stakeholders, incl. private sector, government,

students, teachers, IOs, EBRD, media, CSOs, etc. to present the project’s achievements and lessons learnt


The organizations encourage following stakeholders to collaborate with the project staff to achieve the goals of the project:

§ Higher Education Institutions in N. Macedonia,

§ Student associations and youth promotion organizations,

§ Private sector companies,

§ Non-governmental organizations,

§ Chambers of commerce and professional associations

§ Printed and visual media;

Contact Information

Project Lead: Visar Ademi, visar.a@mojakariera.com.mk

  • Client
  • Budget
  • Duration
    18 Months

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