My Career uses an interactive approach to upgrade the skills of your team through trainings that include presentations from the experiese that out trainers posses as well as applieing those skills that are learned during the training through excercises. 

The trainings organized by My career are a possibility for the skills and knowledge of your employees to be futher upgrated with the experiese that out trainers share during the trainings and the possiblity to excersise, practise and implement the new skills in an enviroment that that provides them with a constructive feedback as a basis for individual development.  

Depending on your needs, the training can be adjusted according to the experience and needs of the participants. Before the training the partcipants fill out a short questioneare that oulines their experience, their expectations and the chalanges that they face which will help the trainer to better prepare for the training. 

The trainings are conducted by 2-3 trainers with significant experience in the field and organizational development. Their resumes are delivered prior to the training.