My Career – Association for Support of the Career Development, Internship and Job Placement has been registered as non-governmental organization (NGO) as of September 2010.

The mission of My Career is to overcome the gap between the need and supply of the qualified work force at the labor market by identifying skills gaps and design programs that either provide individuals with the training and experience needed to be more productive members or the workforce, or help improve the quality, availability, delivery and market orientation of training and education services. My Career established an innovative matchmaking web portal www.mycareer.com.mk  (in Macedonian, Albanian and English). The site offers students and job seekers training in soft skills and career development, and guides employers on how to build the capacity and value of their interns and employees. While it primarily focuses on expanding opportunities for job seekers, it places a high value on developing a workforce to meet the needs of employers and the wider Macedonian economy.

My Career key activities include as follows:

-          Development of the www.mycareer.com.mk online matchmaking tool, which serves as a communication tool that brings companies, job seekers, students and career counselors together in one location and organizing on line activities and events, such as on line forums, e-Career Fairs, a first in the region enabling the beneficiaries to exchange information in real time;

-          Upgrading the skills and competences of the students and unemployed for an active participation in all the programs for student mobility by providing trainings on writing and communication skills and business ethics;

-          Trainings for career mentors or staff responsible for human resource functions and the integration of new employees or interns in a company;

-          Post-placement services that follow the career development of students and jobs seekers and provide students, employers and educational institutions feedback on areas for improvement;

-          Introducing the GCDF (Global Career Development Facilitator) Program and certifying first 28 GCDF counselors in Macedonia and organizing activities directed towards career development, planning and career counseling of the young people- high-school students, students and young unemployed people;

-          Active cooperation with the education providers in the secondary and high education in the direction of creating curriculums accordingly to the labor market needs;

-          Active cooperation with the business community in the direction of detecting and meeting their needs for qualified work force and providing trainings according to their needs;

-          Active cooperation with the local self government and planned-development regions in the Republic of Macedonia in the direction of creating strategies and methodologies for creating a productive human capital;

-          Active cooperate with the Governmental and other public institutions in modeling the proactive programs and curriculums for supporting the education through practice;

Cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the appropriate Ministries for institutionalizing the profession of career counselor and its activation in the current or new systematization of workplaces as well working as a part of the Task Force on developing new law on internship.