Blerim Xhambazi, an intern in EVN


- I am an intern for two months. Although I am one week into this company I have good impressions. The mentor relates very well and professionally, he orients us, and helps us to understand the skills of the work for which we are concerned, specifically the Front office.

The older colleagues are very kind, which helped me to adapt to the environment quickly, although it is frequently stressful. In future I wish I could be employed in this company, but if I don’t achieve that, I would gladly tell that I have enriched my CV.


Vjosa Hoxha, an intern in EVN

- I’m an intern in EVN one week by now, where I have passed the training for the front office working position. Our mentor professionally leads us through the trainings, and helps us. In my opinion, the internship helps us in a way to become quality workers in this company. The older colleagues are helpful whenever I need help. I know that this company is good in Macedonia, and I want to be part of it.



Mirajet Sali, an intern in EVN



- I am an intern in the EVN one week by now. Everything lift up to what I have expected, also I am very pleased from mentor as well as from the older colleagues who help us all the time. EVN as one of the largest companies in the region gives a lot of opportunities to the young people. At the same time the internship is fun, because the workers are friendly to each other. In a way to become successful like the other employees in this company, I would gladly work in this company.



Shefije Jusufi, an intern in EVN

- As an intern in EVN I am very pleased, although I am there only a week. The mentor is very good and offers us what we need. I think this is a highly quality company, where we can make progress. The older colleagues are fine and clearly explain all my tasks. I would gladly work at this company.


Feride Fetaji, an intern in EVN

- Even though this was my first week as an intern in EVN, I’ve spent a great time. We receive a lot of attention from the other employees in this company, as well as an introduction with the essentialities of our working position in front office.

The mentor is always available for us; also we are correctly managed by him. Certainly, I would like to work in such a successful company where I can get a quality experience.


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