Companies realize that People with Disabilities are actually People with Abilities

Svetlana Gjorgievska, owner of “Pronto” with her employee, Monika Kraljevska

Since USAID’s Persons with Disabilities Internship and Employment Project was launched in August 2012, it has helped 30 people with various types of disabilities obtain employment.  

The Project is committed to expanding employment opportunities for people with disabilities, raising public awareness of both their strengths and the challenges they face, and helping to dispel the false notions that persons with disabilities are unable to work and that accommodating a person with a disability in the workplace is prohibitively expensive. 

With the Project’s assistance, private companies and public institutions have found that persons with disabilities are more than capable. 

EVN Macedonia supports inclusion of different groups of people and in its internship program has engaged 3 students with disabilities. 

Vaska Leontic, General Manager of Academy and Studio Leontic with her employee, Philip Markovski

“We had an opportunity to cooperate with outgoing, positive and ambitious persons open for new knowledge and challenges. They were directed towards accomplishing their goals”, said Dojranka Anastasovska Cvetkovska, Human Resources Specialist in EVN Macedonia. 

The protective company “Pronto” from Kumanovo has 17 employees, 7 of whom are persons with disabilities. The company uses the benefits of the Law on Employment of Persons with Disabilities “We use the additional funds provided by the state to adapt the workplaces for persons with disabilities, and at the same time we receive dedicated, loyal and responsible workers. Our goal it to be perceived as socially responsible and to create a positive reputation of diversity”, stated Svetlana Gjorgievska, owner of “Pronto”.  “The mentorship training organized by USAID Project was very helpful to better understand the persons with disabilities employed in our company”, Ms. Gjorgievska concluded.

Lume Huseini, Public Relations Officer of Municipality of Tetovo confirmed the benefits of employment of persons with disabilities. In the municipal archive one person with disability has been employed.  “Persons with disabilities fit quickly in the workplace. They are hard workers that professionally do their work assignments contributing to better understanding and better service of other persons with disabilities by municipality administration”, stated Ms. Huseini.

Employment of persons with disabilities changed the management approach of Vaska Leontic, the General Manager of Academy and Studio Leontic. Three years ago, for the first time they have included a person with disability in their three-year training program and now he will be the first person with disabilities employed by this company. “It is really important for the employer not to have prejudice regarding employment of persons with disabilities. The manager should find the right way to present the persons with disabilities to the clients and colleagues”, said Ms. Leontic.

So far, 157 people with disabilities have been trained on Job Searching Strategies and 100 representatives from various companies have been trained on “Methodology of mentorship for persons with disabilities”.

The USAID Persons with Disabilities Internship and Employment Project started in August 2012 and it is a two-year project, implemented by My Career from Skopje as a prime contractor with Poraka Nasa, Kumanovo and Handimak Tetovo as partners. The Project is designed to support the development of employability skills of persons with disabilities and to increase their participation in society through trainings, internships and employment.

This web site is made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

The contents are the responsibility of My Career and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.

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